Loving Arizona and Missing Hawaii

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We love Uncle Brad!

A big thank you to Uncle Brad for coming over to visit us tonight!  We just love him.  He's an amazing brother and Uncle.  Both kids were practically hanging on his legs all night, and Catherine was begging him to spend the night... she was hoping to keep him all to herself forever. 
Have a safe flight back to Hawaii... please be sure to double check your bags for stowaways!
See you in June!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby Boy Reeves coming soon...

Well, I guess no news can be good news.  I had my 35 week appointment today... with 35 more days to go... don't you love when numbers align like that?  

The doctor's orders are "light activity" until 36 weeks.  After 36 weeks he said they won't stop my contractions any longer, but he'd really rather the baby not be born until 37 weeks.  We feel the same way!  We'll have more news in a week and a half when I go to my next appointment... unless our baby boy decides to come sooner!

It sure has been a LONG week since my mom, "Grandma Cattin" flew home.  We miss her!  She was a HUGE help!  I must say, Catherine and Ethan have been absolute angels for me, though, and have made my mothering responsibilities much easier than they might otherwise have been.  

Larry is photographing a wedding this evening, so he wasn't able to come home right after work.  The kids and I sure miss him!  He is my greatest help and support and the kids' best friend!  Catherine didn't even want me to turn her songs on her CD player "until Daddy comes home."

There is a lot scheduled over the next two weeks... most especially: preparing for baby.  But tomorrow we kick it all off with the kids' gymnastic pictures in the morning as a prelude to their upcoming recital on May 16th.  They are very excited!  Check back for gymnastic pictures and highlights of the recital!  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

We had a great Easter weekend, with lots of candy, trash all over the bathroom, easter egg hunts, cute pictures and more! This is one photo I got of Catherine and Ethan...they were so good for photographer dad!

Ethan uses lots of things to make himself taller so he can reach things on the counter. Today he decided to use a trash can full of trash from our bathroom. When he came out with it we let him do his thing...we figured he was trying to reach something. Turns out he wanted a drink...and had to do it by himself. I had to get a shot of the mess he made in the bathroom. 

Coloring eggs with Melanie and Grandma Cattin

Here are some more I took of them this morning in their Easter outfits. I love the blue in their eyes. 

Easter-egg hunt at our house on Easter morning. 

Catherine and Ethan showing off some of the vegetables grown in our garden. These aren't from this weekend, but we wanted to show how well our garden has been doing. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The latest...

The latest happenings in the Reeves Family:

We are very excited to have "Grandma Cattin" back to stay with us for a couple of weeks. What a help and joy she is to have in our home! We were so grateful for her help about a month ago... Catherine and Ethan just couldn't stop talking about when she'd be coming back!
We are very grateful to all of our friends and family who have helped us through our pregnancy challenges over the last 9 weeks. Their compassion and service has been priceless!
Back when the early labor started, 12 weeks seemed like an eternity, but now with only 3 more to go before we can go ahead and let this baby come safely, we are beginning to feel the relief that comes at the end of a long journey! We are so excited for this baby to come to our family. We feel very blessed to be able to have children and especially blessed with this one that we have made it to 33 weeks!
With all the challenges that come in pregnancy and raising children, the blessings are so rare and priceless we would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Our garden is growing BEAUTIFULLY and we are very grateful for the yummy cucumber we ate with dinner the other night. The kids have helped with every stage from building to planting to tending to harvesting, and they love every minute of it!

Ethan is our HAM! This photo captures his personality PERFECTLY! The kid would love to be naked all day everyday if I let him, and you rarely find him without a ball in his hand! He's 100% boy!

Catherine absolutely LOVES her preschool with mommy at the dining table! She amazes us with her love of learning, imagination and how quickly she grasps and remembers everything! I found her practicing her letters on her writing board (we've actually only covered A, B and C in our preschool curriculum) and this is what she explained to me when I asked her what she wrote:
"C, A, E, F... That's the word DOG!"

Our family LOVES to share, and we all take a turn! Starting with Mommy going to the hospital with the flu almost 3 weeks ago, we have all had a turn with the flu and the cold/cough/congestion thing... Daddy is the last one trying to recover from his cold this week. Needless to say, we were all more than thrilled about the loving and thoughtful care package sent by Ben, Adrienne, Brighton and Brandon Donner. The kids are showing off their Easter Eggs from their special "egg bags" as Catherine labeled them... filled with candy and treats not to mention the beautiful pictures colored by their cousins, Brighton and Brandon, the rice crispy treats, taffy, MUCH - LONGED - FOR book, 'Broken things to Mend' by Jeffery R. Holland for mommy and movie tickets for Daddy to go out for a much needed break from all of his hard work! Thank you, Thank you!!! You not only made our day, but our whole week and into the next month! We are so blessed to have such wonderful siblings/aunt and uncle, and cousins! We love you!

We were so fortunate to have a special visit from Melanie's "Nana and Grandpa" Christiansen! We love them very much and wish we could see them more often! They are a wonderful example to all of us of perseverance, sacrifice and love. Catherine and Ethan adore them and talk of them often! We are grateful that they have had an opportunity to develop such a wonderful relationship with their "great-grandma and great-grandpa"!

Much quieter and shyer than her younger rascal of a brother, Catherine often goes unheard or unnoticed... Thanks to the cover of the sunglasses, we were able to capture a glimpse of her fun personality... our Hawaiian baby giving the shaka. We believe her mind and heart will always live in Hawaii. Catherine is a dreamer and is growing up to be as beautiful and noble of a young lady as she was the day she was born! She adds so much to our family with her compassion, imagination, innocence, and Christlike example of forgiveness and love. She is loved by all who know her.