Loving Arizona and Missing Hawaii

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

We went to Roosevelt Lake on Memorial Day with Stan, Lou, Nick and Kambri Stout. We had so much fun. Larry and Melanie got to wakeboard (it had been 9 years) and Ethan thought about it...someday, Ethan! Catherine had so much fun and we think she was made for the lake and boats. She was wired the entire time.

Ethan's gettin' ready!
Catherine got to man the flag!
Larry...trying not to fall.
Tough guy!

Ethan had to wear this life jacket...he could barely move.
Catherine loves going fast
She even got to "drive"
Catherine and Kambri...second cousins

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family, family, family...

While in UT we were able to see a lot of family. I tried to post this a couple weeks ago but it didn't work...

Catherine and Alyssa
Brooklyn and Vanessa
Chealsey and Ethan
Kelli and Adam
G'ma and G'pa Heagle with the kids

Phoenix Zoo

We went to the zoo yesterday with Richard (my brother) and his kids, Sadie and Mason. We had a blast.

Richard, Sadie and Mason
Ethan and Mommy...the tortoise in the background was about 4 feet high and 6 feet long. HUGE!!
Sadie and Catherine

Looking for frogs.

The Phoenix Zoo...one of the top 5 zoos for kids.
Catherine and Melanie up on the giraffe observation tower. 
All the kids looking at the giant iguanas. 
Mason and Catherine

Ethan and Catherine

Catherine has been potty training for a little while. She is learning well and loves getting prizes when she completes a row of stickers on her chart!
Ethan's hair is the first thing that most people notice about him. It's real light and fluffy like a baby chick or bird. One of his nicknames is "bird."
Catherine and Ethan play so well together lately. Especially since Ethan started crawling. He gets the biggest smiles when she comes into the room. They had a blast in the laundry basket.

Look out world! Ethan's on the move!

So, Ethan started crawling a couple weeks ago and he's been busier than ever. It took some coaxing from us, using the TV remote he never gets to play with. He was so excited to reach it and then we'd move it a little farther away. Now he's into everything. We took some video a couple weeks ago and I'll post that soon, too. 

Learning to Eat

Helping Ethan learn how to eat by himself has been totally different from teaching Catherine. I'm sure it's this way with most parents: You're always more careful with the first. And so it is with us! The pictures explain the rest. 

Catherine eating at around 10 months.
Ethan eating at around 10 months.

Baking and Cooking

Catherine is learning so much about cooking and baking. Lately she's helped mommy  with some cookies and this morning she helped daddy cook some eggs with cheese on top...her favorite breakfast!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friends, Friends, Friends

While in Utah we were able to see the Christley family. Lilly and Catherine had a blast together.

On the way up to Utah and on the way back we stopped and spent some time with the Barney's. The highlight of visiting them was playing "Rockband" on the Play Station 3.
We were also able to see the Liddle Fam while in Utah. We have been friends with them since 2004 when we lived in UT.

Kimber's Wedding and a trip to Utah

We had the opportunity to attend Kimber's and Ryan's sealing/wedding in the Mesa, AZ temple on the 26th of April. It was a beautiful ceremony and Larry played photographer for most of the day. We are so happy for them.

The week after the wedding we went to Utah to attend the sealing of Brandon (our nephew) to his parents, Ben and Adrienne Donner. Ben is Melanie's brother. We had a great trip and were able to spend time with lots of family and friends. The sealing took place in the Jordan River Temple.