Loving Arizona and Missing Hawaii

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

mommy of the year award... right here!

nothing could be farther from the truth.

disclaimer: not for the weak stomachs...

SO... we bought a minivan... yup! We finally took the plunge. We love it. It's a wonderful van and everything we were hoping for... just hard to stomach such a big loan... but no matter how we'd try... there's no way we can fit our 4th child into our 5 passenger sedan. no.can.do.

The van is beautiful... big, but beautiful and although, might i say, it's big... it drives just like a car AND is definitely not as intimidating as driving my in-laws giant SUV... that sealed the deal for me on a minivan. :)

SO... you're wondering about the "weak stomach" part?

well, Everything inside and out on that van is pristine... that's what you get, AND what you pay for when you buy a used car from a dealer... all but one part... there's something sticky inside one of the door pockets... too deep to see but you'll find it if you stick your hand in there and rummage around...
I did.

Well... turns out it wasn't just a small little melted gummy bear or fruit snack... I have no idea what it was, actually, has the consistency of gum and the smell of gum, but looks more like a fruit snack or gummy bear... I have scrubbed and scrubbed, dug and peeled, and haven't gotten it all out yet...
Since I was washing my rags at the same time, I thought I'd give it a whirl and throw add it to the wash. WELL... long story short, I got some big chunks off and didn't want to rinse them down the bathroom sink... so I found a small disposable plastic cup out on the counter... the ones the kids use when they are brushing their teeth or want a quick drink... and i just tossed the gross chunk of blue in there...

I'm sure you can guess what happened...


I forgot to throw it out.

came across the same cup and chunk in the bathroom hours later... this time with water remnants in it... much to my horror, my sweet Catherine unknowingly took a drink from "mom's yucky cup" as Ethan would call it.

"Catherine did it, mom. Not me. I promise."

I apologized over and over again and decided we needed to say a prayer to ask Heavenly Father to protect Catherine from whatever disgusting goo she ingested.

Ethan to the rescue! He wanted to say the prayer:

"...please bless Catherine to not get sick from the yucky cup that she drank... And please bless Catherine not to drink out of Mommy's yucky cup anymore... and please bless us to be quiet while Noah's sleeping..."

Mother of the Year AWARD: goes to anyone who wants to buy someone's car and pull their unidentifiable sticky melted mess out of the door, throw it in a cup and give it to their 5-year-old to drink. Exactly.

okay, okay. so maybe it's not a big deal to any of you, but seriously, would you want to buy a car and then proceed to drink the goo that was melted into the pocket of it from only Heaven knows where??