Loving Arizona and Missing Hawaii

Monday, December 8, 2008


o.k. I know not everyone has had the pleasure of meeting my little man, Ethan...but I also know from your stories that there are many more "Ethans" out there....so any wisdom would be more than priceless to me! ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY SANITY!

To be completely honest, Ethan is like 5 Catherines rolled into one. He is the most curious and adventurous little boy I can imagine. He doesn't mean to be destructive, and he really isn't for the most part...though he has left his mark in every room of our house.

I feel like a crazy mom putting up gates, locks on everything and contemplating remodeling part of our house to save my sanity.

My most recent problem areas: the bathroom...shredding toilet paper, turning on the tub water...flushing the toilet (hopefully free of toys or other clogging objects)...climbing up in the pantry...emptying clothes out of drawers...but my latest worry is our computer desk...I worry about him swallowing staples, sucking on permanent markers, or just coloring on everything...

I've tried to keep things out of his reach...but the safest spot to store harmful things is up in our kitchen cabinets and pantry... and we're running out of room for food and dishes!

any wisdom?