Loving Arizona and Missing Hawaii

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ain't much to do when it's RAININ' out!

except go to swimming lessons!!!!!!!!


one more day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Noah Robert

Our happy little chum has been having a rough month. He weaned himself in the past couple of weeks and has discovered so much independence that it frustrates him to no end when he finds a limit to his abilities. He developed a high fever last week and hasn't been able to sleep very well. We think it was the stomach flu which was then followed by a respiratory infection. On top of it all, he cut his 5th tooth last Monday.

On a more positive note, he took his first couple of steps yesterday! The expression of wonder and excitement at his own achievement was classic! It's almost like a glimpse of the future and what it will be like as he realizes his own talents and abilities.

Ethan Paul

Root for Captain Hook!

My little man may seem like a rough and tough boy through and through.. but he has a very sensitive and tender heart.

He has been crazy about Peter Pan's captain hook for months now. His birthday is next week and he has been planning an adventurous Captain Hook birthday party for months! I keep trying to teach him not to hit as he just itches to "hook and sword" everything and everyone in sight! Today he told me that he doesn't want to be Captain Hook any more because Captain Hook is mean... and for the first time (the "captain hook birthday party" is less than 2 weeks away) I found myself encouraging him to love this evil villain rather than praising him for not wanting to fight any more. sigh. what's a mother to do?

Catherine Victoria

my little lady is growing up so fast!

She is 4 1/2 years old and discovering new talents everyday!

She loves to tell stories... she is very creative and the stories usually include one of us... as royalty... always beginning with "once upon a time... there was a...."

She loves to draw and color, and is an amazing little artist. She loves to daydream and wish for things for the future. She continually tells me about all the toys she is wishing for for her birthday... and since that list has become so long, she is now moving on to her Christmas wish list.

She is my very best helper. She helps Ethan put diapers on but now that he's potty-trained, she can even be found occasionally wiping his poopy bum! what a saint! she helps him get the soap when he washes his hands, she sets the table, dusts, vacuums messes and cleans her room to perfection! she makes her own bed, and even helps Ethan make his bed as well as helps him get dressed. she picks up Noah for me and moves him to safer places... She is an endless fountain of imagination and new possibilities. Her favorite colors are still orange and blue, and she has changed her mind for her birthday party theme in the last month or so from Tinker Bell to Mickey Mouse to Princesses to a "fishing" party. For the longest time she felt like she had to pick the theme of her party according to what toy she was wishing for, so she would wish for a dolphin party and then a whale party... once i told her how she could wish for presents regardless of what kind of party she had, her list quadrupled and she was pretty set on a princess birthday party until most recently.

She knows all of her manual alphabet in American Sign Language, and has learned to spell several words. She is also picking up basic concepts of math. She has an amazing memory and will tell us names, places and details of events from years ago! She loves to learn and has a very keen mind.

My favorite thing about Catherine is how noble and Christ-like she is. She is a very gentle, sweet girl without a mean bone in her body. She can be completely pummeled by her brother and just sit there crying without fighting back because she can't bear to hit anyone. I love my little princess and am so grateful for her wonderful example to all of us.


What a memorable first Robert Reeves family reunion!

special time to get to know my nieces and nephews a little better.

cousin love!

swimming lessons!

splish splash!

forever friends...

we met in Hawaii while attending BYU-H. We gave birth to our first babies... We established a friendship that will last forever.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


way too much fun! it will always be one of my favorite places!

Sweet baby

My cousin Katie and her husband, Mike Byers blessed their first baby, Cayden the next day, which was extra special because it also happend to be Father's Day. We were so happy to be there and be a part of this special time in their lives. It reminded me so much of when we had our first baby, Catherine, and her blessing was so special for us as well. It is a special time to have family around... and there was a lot of family there with us that day. We enjoyed each other's company at a nice luncheon afterward.

It was an extra special Father's Day as we were able to celebrate so many wonderful fathers together... Larry, my dad and my grandfather. The best part was being together as a family and celebrating Larry and the wonderful, fun, loving father he is to our children.

Together Forever

My cousin, Julie married her sweetheart, Scott in the Los Angeles temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Everything was exquisit. The ceremony was beautiful. The weather was perfect. The reception was gorgeous and a perfect blend of romance and fun! It was wonderful to see their love for each other and to be there as their life together began. We are very happy for them, and grateful to have been a part of such a special celebration. Tons of family came in from far away. It was like a family reunion for such a special event.

California... WE LOVE YOU!