Loving Arizona and Missing Hawaii

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Keepin it simple...

You know that old saying that "less is more?'  Well, I'm beginning to discover what that really means.  Countless talks, counsel from our church leaders come to mind when I start feeling frantic and crazy in my own responsibilities or even ambitious and excited about all the change and chatter and social events going on around me...

It's a constant tug-of-war inside of me... "I need to slow down, simplify, focus on what matters most."..."I want to throw parties, plan luncheons, invite everyone I know to everything we do, refurbish furniture, paint the walls, redecorate my house! Run a marathon!  Okay... maybe a half..."

But then those words echo in my ears and I feel a familiar warm feeling in my heart....

2 less hours shopping, painting furniture, planning a party... means 2 MORE hours to build Legos with Ethan, ride bikes with Noah, push Abigail on the swing, sing and dance with Catherine...

 So when I feel that tug-of-war coming on, I ask myself:  "Is this really going to make life better?? Or keep me from a BETTER LIFE?"

Suddenly I feel content, blessed, peaceful...

Less furniture means more floor space for playing.
Less lunch dates means more money in the bank and less stress over finances and more time with my hubby.
Less elaborate parties means more time to actually play before, during and after the party... and actually enjoy it!!
Less time redecorating my house means more time enjoying the ones who live in it.

It's all good stuff.  Don't get me wrong.  I definitely get excited about planning parties, decorating and all of the above.  It's just that I'm gaining a greater appreciation for a deeper more lasting joy that comes from focusing more on the things that matter most in my life.