Loving Arizona and Missing Hawaii

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What is your most treasured blessing?

Most everyone I know and love are experiencing difficult times. Whether the challenges be financial, emotional, physical or social, one thing is certain, we can always find comfort and perspective through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My greatest comfort in time of trial is to remember what I treasure most in this life: my husband and my children, and then to remind myself that there is no power on earth that can take them from me. No matter what challenges may come, I find comfort in knowing I am sealed to my husband and children for all eternity and will be with them as long as I keep the covenants I made at the time Larry and I were sealed together in the temple of our Lord.

In Primary, the children learn at a very early age that a covenant is a two-way promise made between us and Heavenly Father. We promise to keep the commandments he has given us and he promises blessings associated with that covenant such as being together with Him, our Savior, Jesus Christ, our husband or wife and children through all eternity as is promised in the covenant we make when we are sealed as husband and wife in the temple.

This blessing of eternal marriage (marriage that does not end at death but continues on forever) and eternal family has been in the forefront of my mind with the recent birth of our baby, Abigail Joy. How grateful I am for my wonderful husband who loves, supports, sustains and sacrifices for our family through all of our ups and downs in life. How grateful I am for each of our precious children who, with each birth, have multiplied the love we share in our marriage and family. We are taking part in the greatest joy our Father in Heaven has: FAMILY, and we strive each day to keep the covenants we have made that we might always enjoy that blessing of being together forever in the joy and peace of the Lord.

I am grateful for the encouraging and comforting words of Elder Robert D. Hales, one of the Lord's apostles on the earth today. As I logged onto lds.org today, I saw a beautiful picture of a family with the title: "A Little Heaven on Earth." I wanted to read more so I clicked on that link, and read the following article:
"A Little Heaven on Earth."

It was very inspiring to me. I learned many things I can do to strengthen and better myself, so that I can "...stand strong, strengthen [my husband and children]..." and "...have true happiness and find the joy of a celestial marriage with a little heaven on earth..."

My most treasured blessing:
My Family Can Be Together Forever.