Loving Arizona and Missing Hawaii

Monday, October 25, 2010

kid talk

I just listened to the funniest conversation between Catherine and her friend, Sydney Viramontes this afternoon while they were watching "The Sound of Music." (one of Sydney's favorites, I'm sure)

Sydney, "Why do you have this movie?"

Catherine, "Because it's a church movie."

Sydney, "No it's not."

Catherine, "Yes it is."

Sydney, "No it's not."

Catherine, "Yes, it is."

Sydney, "Why?"

Catherine, "Because at the end of the movie Captain Von-Trap and Maria get married."

Sydney, "No they don't."

Catherine, "Yes they do."

Sydney, "No, they don't."

Catherine, "You'll just have to watch the movie, and you'll see at the end of the movie..."

Sydney, "Are you toes painted?"

(smart girl... can't agree? Just move on to a new subject.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I was running along in the cold damp air of La Verne this morning... totally loving life and barely resisting the impulse to immediately move back to Hawaii to enjoy this typical weather all winter long! Still running along trying to decide whether that smell was In-N-Out's grilled onions or B.O..
I REALLY LOVE vacation!
but i guess it is about time to shower...

what could possibly be better than a trip to Disneyland?!

what is honestly better than Disneyland?? A character dinner! no crazy lines to wait for rides that kids bail out on at the last second... no crazy lines to wait to see the characters, no additional over-priced fees for food. no worries about losing a child in the crowds...

characters coming to meet and greet YOU individually!
amazing food, as much as you want! no extra charge!
top-quality entertainment that Disney is famous for!
and less than half the price!

Thanks, cousin Ryan for turning 6 and having the coolest birthday dinner ever!

WE are so happy we got to celebrate with you!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

be nice

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when I hear my children repeat phrases I have used in my exhausting efforts to teach them values that will help them develop Christ-like qualities and testimonies of Him.

I was delighted when I heard Catherine talking to Ethan in the other room as they were playing...

"Be nice."
"But if you don't love each other, that's okay; you can still be nice."

I hope the phrase I used was, "if you don't LIKE each other..." But either way, it was sweet to hear.

Those are the moments that make it all worth it!