Loving Arizona and Missing Hawaii

Friday, May 21, 2010


Ethan talks very well for his age. I always know what he is talking about, but I'm not always certain of what he's trying to communicate.

Mom, is that a Frisbee?

No, it's a lid. The lid to the vegetable tray that we used for Noah's birthday party. Remember?

Is it a lid or a Frisbee? (meaning, can it be a lid or a Frisbee?)

No, it's just a lid.

but i think if it's a Frisbee or not.

(can you tell he's just itching to throw that thing like a Frisbee? watch out!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


our baby noah turned a year old on Thursday. it's still sinking in for me. he had the best birthday and party thanks to wonderful friends and family who shower us with love. i'll try to post more about the party later.

Noah's last day as a "baby"

Now an official "one-year-old"

This is how he was the whole day, ESPECIALLY when we would sing "Happy Birthday" to him... all smiles, giggles and dancing!

He LOVED his very own ball!

It was the funniest thing... he was crawling around and around it in circles looking for the "handle" because the giant bouncy balls he is used to at our house are his brother's and sister's hoppers (and they have handles on them).

He loved his cake!

and even loved getting cleaned up in the bath afterward!