Loving Arizona and Missing Hawaii

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Latest

I thought I would start this blog off, since I am the one who created it. I hope you all will post from time to time so that we can keep up on what's going on with each other. I've made the blog private so that only our family can post and view the blog.

Last weekend we went to the temple as a family to take family pictures. The main reason we went was to attend the visitor's center and talk about Christ and the true meaning of Easter. We had so much fun and Catherine loved exploring around the center, finding the statue and pictures of Christ.

Later that day we went to a birthday party for Catherine's friend, Brayden. Then we went to a community spring party and had a lot of fun. Catherine even ventured into the bounce house. Later that evening we went to visit the Rane family, friends of ours from Hawaii, who just had their second daughter. Their first daughter and Catherine are good friends so that was fun. Finally, when we got home we colored Easter eggs before going to bed.

Easter Sunday was a blast! The kids got nice Easter baskets with candy and we had a nice big breakfast as a family. After Church we went to Mom and Dad's for dinner and an Easter egg (candy) hunt. We had a lot of fun there and when we got home we hid the colored eggs and let Catherine find those. It was a weekend jammed full of entertainment.